AI and recruitment.

Artificial intelligence for some businesses are an unknown. A lot of media hype leaves employees frightened for what it could mean for their job. Some employers are only starting to scratch the surface as to how AI can assist in their business.


For those managers who have ever had to recruit a candidate for a position, you can relate when we say it can be many hours spent wading through a lot of applications. Some jobs attract hundreds of applications. So how can you be sure that you a giving them the time and attention they deserve?


Introducing a number of AI programs such as Ideal. These programs screen the applications in real time, scanning both resume and covering letter. These programs, like Ideal can match the skills required for the job against their experience. The AI programs offer the recruiter a robust candidate list, complete with an in depth analysis of applicants that are best matched to the job posted, saving them a lot of time.


The benefits of utilising AI programs for your recruitment process apart from saving you much time, is the ability to remove gender, age bias. With the ability to capture data, the software will learn patterns of a successful candidate for all future recruitment drives.   


Embracing the latest technology will not take away from the role of Human Resources, but add to their efficiency. The ability to capture, grow a robust database of the applicants,  ensures companies are always recruiting the best candidate for their business.


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