5 Ways To Make Your Office Eco-friendly

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  1. Recycle – The amount of workplaces that do not have recycling available is incredible. So what can you recycle? Aluminium cans, steel cans from the likes tuna can be if you remove the label and wash it out. Newspapers, paper, any glass (again please rinse out the contents before placing in the recycling bin.
  2. Your Morning Ritual – Did you know that in Australia 1 billion coffee cups end up in landfill? That’s over 60,000 kg of plastic waste per annum. Changing up your early morning ritual can actually make an impact, simply by taking your own mug or purchasing a keep cup, even just start refusing a coffee lid can make a difference.
  3. Paperless Office – this is the dream right? Well with all the intranet functionalities on offer this can actually be a reality. The introduction of workflow e-forms for expenses, sales figures, leave forms, a home for all manuals and policies which can be read online and holiday planners. There is no need to print any of these off and you can access them24/7 saving companies’ tonnes of paper. A tree would want to hug you.
  4. Energy – take a company that has 100 computers over an 8-hour day that equates to 10,000 watts per day, most people don’t even turn their computers off at night. You can make a significant difference by turning off your computer at night from the power point, switch off the printer from the power point, turn off all lights and air-conditioners.
  5. Travel – Utilising technology through video conferencing, instant chat, blogs, video training which all can be housed on your intranet to get teams together rather than jumping on a plane which increases your carbon footprint not just by the plane but also taxi’s to and from the airport. Some companies introduce a travel ban for a month to reduce company costs and their carbon