6 Essential Elements Every Intranet Should Have

choosing an intranet software

Enjoy the benefits of a modern digital workplace with an efficient intranet system. Employees love nothing more than having a centralised workspace they can go to for whatever they might need. At a time where businesses thrive in the digital sphere, a competitive intranet is crucial.

If you’re new to the concept of an intranet, you might be at a loss in what to consider. Modern intranet systems have advanced to the point that just looking at the options can be overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming.

To help you come up with a decision fast, here are six essential elements we think every intranet should have.


  1. Company News, Policies, and CSR Section

A policies and forms section should contain all official documents, forms, and up-to-date policies of your business. With this section already on the intranet, the need for physical storage is eliminated. 

Dedicating an area specifically for official documents, policies, and forms not only saves employees’ time but also eliminates the risk of using the wrong version. Having a centralised section for these important documents streamlines work processes and improves overall employee productivity.

The intranet is the perfect choice for your company’s dedicated corporate social responsibility (CSR) area. It promotes communication between coworkers to build culture, drive engagement, and provide a sense of purpose. A virtual CSR section makes it easier to reach out to more employees and be more transparent with your company’s goals, values, and visions.


  1. Project Management Tools

Every intranet system should have a section dedicated to project management tools. Task-management support is essential to the success of any team. When you integrate tools like task trackers, team communication, and file management in your intranet, it allows teams managing complex projects to keep track of their tasks, deadlines and the overall status of the project. By providing a central, easily accessible location for documents, productivity can be greatly improved.


  1. Integrated Enterprise Search

An intranet system fails if it’s not convenient or efficient. Employees and clients expect to enjoy all the benefits of a modern intranet system, so if it fails, lags, or takes too long to produce their desired outcome, it might result in disappointment.

An integrated enterprise search ensures all cloud-based storage platforms and content management systems are combined into a single system. With all product and company data in one convenient space, users can look up what they need without switching from one platform to another. This setup positively drives productivity and efficiency throughout the company.


  1. Self-paced Training Materials

Show your employees you care about their career growth by dedicating an entire section of it on your intranet system. Whether to help new hires get affiliated with the nature of their work or to help employees learn new skills, a training materials section is a must-have. Self-paced training materials maximize training efficiency, letting employees learn and grow at their own pace. 


  1. Product and Services Information

Storing pertinent data about your company’s top products and services on your intranet is essential. This is extremely useful for client-facing sales staff who need to talk about your organisation’s products and services. It also helps spread awareness among employees about the company’s external activities. 

Content about products and services should be closely managed and regularly reviewed. It has to be up-to-date and well structured so employees can easily and quickly find what they need. Having a products and services information section can also significantly improve client service.


  1. Platform Security

Last but definitely not the least, your checklist should include platform security. An efficient intranet system is nothing without a secure server to protect it against hackers and cyber criminals. 

Cybersecurity measures are crucial in protecting your digital workplace. Your intranet is going to contain every single pertinent and confidential information about your organization and its employees, so it should be secure and protected at all times.


There are many ways an organisation can benefit from an intranet system. However, keep in mind that not all intranet providers are the same. Choose one that has all the six essential elements of a modern intranet system to tend to all of your business needs. Curious to see how a platform with all these look like? Request a private demo with Intranet Solutions and experience it first-hand.