An intranet is a perfect solution to connect franchises together across multiple sites around all corners of the globe.  Ensuring that each of the businesses are uniformed in their operations offering franchisees a centralised hub for easy 24/7 access to corporate documents, policies, up to date news, marketing tools and collateral.

Having a centralised platform connects and engages the franchisees with the ability to share success stories, staffing business problems and solutions by utilising the knowledge base application.

Calendar and Events

Centrally manage all your internal, external, virtual and training events. Room bookings are made easy with this feature.

Collaboration Tools

Social media can be added to your intranet with a RSS feeds of Twitter, Corporate Facebook adding staff’s personal LinkedIn. Employees can collaborate through forums created.

Business Process Management

Create bespoke e-workflow forms to suit your business needs.


Manage staff learning with online courses, as well as organising training events and ’learning path’ syllabuses.

Knowledge Base

Create and share information with users or groups.

Intranet Security

A robust security system is set up for your intranet where you can safely store documents, projects and policies.

News Feed

An effective internal communicative tool within an organisation, equips employees with the knowledge and support to efficiently do their jobs. Employees can be kept up-to-date of with the Intranet News Feed.

Project Manager

Create projects with status, progress, tasks, and resources are managed in one central solution. Automatic notification to keep everyone informed of progress of the project.

Social Networking

Build on your workplace and engage with your employees. With flexible working environments the intranet ensures people stay informed and connected.

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