Aurora Energy

Boosting team moral and streamlining a digital footprint with a socially-tuned intranet system.

Aurora Energy is Tasmania’s 100 per cent owned and operated energy retailer.

Fiercely Tasmanian, Aurora Energy has an ongoing commitment to delivering quality customer service and supporting its local community and employs 200 people across two locations in Hobart and Launceston.

A customer since 2016, the Intranet created for Aurora Energy (known as MORRIS) serves as the central gateway for the business.

One of the most frequently used areas, is a custom application called 'Watt and How'. Used mostly by the customer contact centre, ‘Watt and How’ provides resources for its Customer Service Agents to deliver accurate and timely information to its inbound and outbound customer enquiries. This has been critical in delivering Aurora Energy’s day-to-day work effectiveness.

The intranet has also been a fantastic channel for internal communications, which has assisted to break down silos and improve communication across the business. The homepage is frequently updated with articles, videos and instant updates and can be accessed by all staff.

Aurora Energy collaborated earlier this year with Intranet Solutions to create a new function for their staff recognition program. This staff recognition function enables any staff member to recognise an achievement of a fellow colleague in line with the Aurora Energy values. Anyone is able to nominate a staff member on any day, which is displayed on a live feed and fellow teams are able to add to this with their messages of support. The immediate benefits to Aurora Energy was a boost in team morale and a cost saving measure as they were able to eradicate a different portal.

Other features that Aurora Energy have adopted for their intranet is the Poll application, to have a bit of fun in the office to move away from a corporate environment. A streamlined recruitment process with visibility on the current job vacancies, making it easier for internal applications. Aurora Energy has found the intranet an excellent collaborative and engaging platform, keeping employees informed and encouraging open communication across the business.

Important features for Aurora Energy.

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Digital Asset Management

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Centrally manage all your internal, external, virtual and training events. Room bookings are made easy with this feature.

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