Magic Hand Carwash

An intranet to facilitate communication and learning across a nationwide franchise.

Magic Hand Carwash are a fast hand car wash with express detailing services.

A rapidly growing business and desire to streamline their on boarding and induction processes, saw Magic Hand Carwash partner with Intranet Solutions in 2010 to implement a wide ranging intranet.

Cleaning over 700,000 cars every year, Magic Hand Carwash employs over 600 staff across 50 sites throughout Australia.

A centralised hub specific to Magic Hand Carwash unique requirements was created for their network of sites to facilitate effective communication. The intranet has enabled the support office to send communication out to all sites which is tracked to see who has read and actioned the task. A frequently used feature on the intranet homepage is the Social Media application where users are able to post photos, ask questions and share their experiences with fellow colleagues.

The intranet has improved the ability to ensure users are well informed and keep all sites up to date with developments. It’s a secure way to store all current information relating to processes, policies, procedures and compliance tools which are important for sites to be able to access at any time. Magic Hand Carwash are now looking at using the intranet as a learning management system for each employee.

Important features for Magic Hand Carwash.

Intranet Examples
Calendar and Events

Centrally manage all your internal, external, virtual and training events. Room bookings are made easy with this feature.

Cheap Intranet

Converting manual and PDF based forms into electronic forms is a huge turning point in any organisations life. From leave forms, to expense claims, from room requests to accident reporting, our comprehensive eforms solution will transform the way your processes work.

Workflow Solution

Whether you call it Induction, Onboarding, Training, Learning, Development or something else, upskilling your user base is vital. For those with advanced Learning Management requirements, our intranet software is also SCORM compliant.