Custom payslip management and e-form data collection for a top 500 facility services organisation.

Menzies is a privately owned (top 500) facility services cleaning company, established in 1969.

Menzies provide innovative and economically sustainable service packages for quality and environmental ‘green’ business practices, and measurable risk reduction outcome. They service various industry sectors at more than 2500 sites nationally – including educational, commercial, retail, industrial and government sectors.

The Menzies intranet platform, known as 'Go Menzies', started as an information management system only, but with the help and support of Intranet Solutions, has become a critical part of their business.

A custom-built payslip module delivering payslips to our field staff has significantly reduced their monthly mail volume and improved efficiencies within their payroll team. Over the last two years, the intranet has enabled Menzies to convert various hard copy forms into e-forms, which has proven to be the best way to track the progress on certain items and to prompt staff where feedback was outstanding.

The Menzies e-forms have helped significantly to streamline internal communication and action items respectively with the help of simple but also more sophisticated work flows, whereby relevant staff are getting instantly notified over changes affecting daily business. In the past, signed hard copies would go missing and they weren’t able to track updates or changes. With the help of the history against each e-form, Menzies are always able to review who has actioned these items. As Verena Tack, Business Manager, says "it has enhanced their internal efficiencies significantly".

To best target group training and information packages Menzies utilise the Quiz Builder module to help increase their staff’s knowledge base. The intranet is utilised every day, all day and they could not imagine their business functioning without it.

As Verena Tack concludes: "Intranet Solutions provide a reliable service, they are always going the extra mile for their customers and exceeded Menzies’ expectations; their support enables us to react promptly to any stakeholder requests. The passion to program the most customised tools is admirable, it goes beyond a simple intranet platform".

Important features for Menzies.

Intranet Examples
Calendar and Events

Centrally manage all your internal, external, virtual and training events. Room bookings are made easy with this feature.

Digital Workplace Solutions

Having your logos and fonts is one thing – tailoring the user expereince based on location, role and data is entirely different. Intranet design is a combination of user expereince, design and relevance and our team will ensure it reflects your company and requirements.

Why Use An Intranet
Polls and Surveys

Encourage idea sharing, engagement with employees through polls and surveys that can be created.

Workflow Solution

Acknowledge an important company update? Report on who’s read the latest CEO bulletin? Our task tracker enables users to send tasks to users and get instant reports on acknowledgment and/or completion rates.