South Pacific Health Clubs

South Pacific Health Clubs have 140 employees across six health clubs throughout Melbourne, we strive to constantly deliver the ultimate in health, fitness and lifestyle for our members.

As our health clubs are situated in various locations, it’s important for the business to have an effective way of communicating between the clubs, for training, shared business information, HR and general news across the sites. The intranet has helped standardise a lot of our functions leading to much more efficient workflows and productivity.

Daily reports are housed on the intranet, these are vital for our day to day running of the business and is the most frequently used function by our management team.

The calendar function has improved staff communication and daily efficiencies; this is a live document that can be accessed by all staff members.

The benefit for our human resource department is that the intranet enables a centralised place for all payroll, new employee forms and employment documents. Training manuals, policy and procedures are available to all staff where ever they may be.

Overall the ability to capture information has improved daily efficiencies which has led to better productivity for the business. The intranet has been an invaluable function to South Pacific Health Clubs.

The outstanding feature of our intranet is the support we receive; both if we just need to improve a user function or if something goes wrong. The support is fast and efficient. We would recommend Intranet Solutions to other businesses.

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