South Pacific Health Clubs

Information capture and daily reporting for a franchise of health clubs.

South Pacific Health Clubs have 140 employees across six health clubs throughout Melbourne, and strive to constantly deliver the ultimate in health, fitness and lifestyle for our members.

As a business who's health clubs are situated in various locations, a critical role of the intranet is to facilitate easy and effective communicating between the clubs, for training, shared business information, HR and general news across the sites. A large part of the initial implementation was to standardise a lot of the processes leading to much more efficient workflows and productivity.

Daily reports are housed on the intranet, which are vital for the day to day running of the business and is the most frequently used function by our management team. The calendar function has also seen improved staff communication and daily efficiencies. 'Live' documents allowing quick access to constantly changing information (and that can be accessed by all staff members) has proved invaluable to the way information is shared.

The intranet has also enabled the Human Resources department to centralise all their information for payroll, new employee forms and employment documents. Training manuals, policy and procedures are available to all staff where ever they may be.

Overall the ability to capture information has improved daily efficiencies which has led to better productivity for the business. The intranet has been an invaluable function to South Pacific Health Clubs.

Important features for South Pacific Health Clubs.

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