Steadfast Group is the largest general insurance broker network and group of underwriting agencies in Australasia. We have over 300 staff members accessing Fetch across Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore and New Zealand who provide products, services and support systems to our insurance broker network.

Steadfast has grown dramatically over the years, organically and through acquisitions which has resulted in a significant increase in headcount, so it was important for the business to ensure we were consistently communicating and engaging with staff.

The intranet developed for Steadfast embeds our core values which is emulated through all our engagement and communication to staff. Fetch was a feature developed to ensure staff had access to all the information they need as an employee of Steadfast, and aids in building better working relationships between colleagues.

People are generally interested in other people’s stories and we have definitely found this to be the case. As a growing organisation, both the People Directory and Staff in Focus section of our intranet has been a popular function amongst staff and a great way to introduce people who may not work together directly.

The news section has also been key to engagement, providing a range of information from business updates to charity initiatives, internal events and competitions. This has helped staff stay informed and reinforced our culture.

To be able to have a bespoke intranet built for our business to suit our needs and encompass the ideas our employees was paramount. Intranet Solutions are always available to assist with making sure the site is easy to use for administrators and staff. We would definitely recommend Intranet Solutions to other business who are looking at implementing an engaging intranet for their employees.

Important features in the development of the Steadfast project.

Business Process Management

Create bespoke e-workflow forms to suit your business needs.

Content Management

Create, update and manage pages on your intranet with ease.

Calendar and Events

Centrally manage all your internal, external, virtual and training events. Room bookings are made easy with this feature.


Manage staff learning with online courses, as well as organising training events and ’learning path’ syllabuses.

Collaboration Tools

Social media can be added to your intranet with a RSS feeds of Twitter, Corporate Facebook adding staff’s personal LinkedIn. Employees can collaborate through forums created.

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