Component Overview – Infocapture

Workflow Solution

Data is the core of any successful organisation, but acquiring it is a challenge. Infocapture is an elegant solution, enabling intranet administrators to easily craft powerful, dynamic forms at the click of a button.

Infocapture natively supports a wide array of data collection tools. All the fields you would expect to see are here – text areas, dropdown menus, checkboxes – as well as some powerful new additions, such as embedded data and permissions based content. These fields lend themselves to collecting essential HR and internal metrics, providing management with unique insights into their organisation.

Complex forms often go through several rounds of revision and amendments before final approval. Infocapture ships with robust version control tools to prevent data loss between these revisions. All versions of a form are available to be browsed at any time, ensuring that updates and changes are checked and managed. Furthermore, form creators can choose how to implement a form update, either applying them retroactively to previous submissions or only to new data collected.

Infocapture automatically stores submitted data for later use. Users with adequate credentials can view results from within the intranet dashboard, or export them to a formatted CSV file. CSV export is a critically important feature, as it allows handoff of the data to be examined and analysed by internal or external departments to provide critical organisational insights.

An organisation is only as good as the data and insights that it has, and Infocapture empowers you to collect valuable data today that can shape the future of your business tomorrow.

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