What Are Crypto Influencers

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Yep you read that correctly, could it be finally the end of the countless photos of eggs benedict and the perfect coffee south of the freeway, who are no longer the main influencers on the block? Introducing the new kids, who may actually be sharing something beneficial to society…the crypto influencers.

These new influencers like regular fashion and hospitality influencers take to social media with twitter, blogs and you tube. The big question that surrounds crypto currencies, is what is it? The crypto influencers key goal is to inform people of crypto and blockchains giving the ordinary human more of an understanding of what is involved.

So what is the creditability of these crypto influencers? Well these guys have a little more authority on the industry then a person who snaps smashed avocado on toast. These guys have a variance of backgrounds from developers, economists, digital asset analysts, Co-Founders and CEO’s. Then there is blockchain influencer extraordinaire Crypto Sally, a Canadian vlogger. Crypto Sally has interviews blockchain businesses to give people the knowledge and understanding of this world of technology and now also runs seminars.

So who is on the crypto hot list? Well… there are a few and feel free to check them out at your own risk, while we find this very interesting, we don’t advocate or claim to offer any financial advice these people who are currently trending in the area of crypto and blockchain influencers:

  • Nick Szabo
  • Nicolas Cary
  • Crypto Sally
  • Barry Silbert