Business and Learning Management

Coordinate internal training, onboard new staff members and upskill your team with synchronised, editable learning modules.


Create and share information with users or groups.

Content Management

Create, update and manage pages on your intranet with ease.

Intranet Security

A robust security system is set up for your intranet where you can safely store documents, projects and policies.


Whether you call it Induction, Onboarding, Training, Learning, Development or somethign else, upskilling your user base is vital. For those with advanced Learning Management requirements, our intranet software is also SCORM compliant.

Digital Asset Management

The ability to categorise and manage the distribution of images, videos and files.

Custom Features

Integrations with complex services, intricately branded front ends and application extensions – custom features extend the capacity of your intranet to ensure your every need is covered.

Mobile App

Every intranet we build is mobile responsive. Sometimes however, a dedicated mobile app is required. From sales people needing access to brochures on the go, through to support staff needing instant access to technical documents, our team can build your company a native mobile app, fully integrated into your Intranet framework.

Complex Integrations

When a new user starts, do you want to add them automatically to your timesheet software? Need to link your ERP/Finance package to show real time graphs on your Intranet to particular users? Integration can deliver highly targeted and relevant information to your Intranet.


Having your logos and fonts is one thing – tailoring the user expereince based on location, role and data is entirely different. Intranet design is a combination of user expereince, design and relevance and our team will ensure it reflects your company and requirements.

Employee Engagement and Collaboration

Let your staff members collaborate on projects and tasks with advanced document and asset management modules.

Staff Directory

Still one of the most popular features, our fully searchable staff directory allows users to easily find users based on name, title or skill, and also comes with an automated organisational chart creator.


Allowing users to recognise their colleagues against the company values is a great way to engage users directly from the homepage.

Polls and Surveys

Encourage idea sharing, engagement with employees through polls and surveys that can be created.

Intranet People Profit

Securely store and display personal information relating to each employee on the intranet platform. Permission-based intranet accounts and interactive employee profiles can be effortlessly created to reflect the unique structure of each organisation.

Social Networking

Build on your workplace and engage with your employees. With flexible working environments the intranet ensures people stay informed and connected.

Collaboration Tools

Social media can be added to your intranet with a RSS feeds of Twitter, Corporate Facebook adding staff’s personal LinkedIn. Employees can collaborate through forums created.

Calendar and Events

Centrally manage all your internal, external, virtual and training events. Room bookings are made easy with this feature.

News Feed

Presenting news in a simple and elegant way (including monthly email bulletins) ensures your staff are kept abreast of important news effecting your business.

Workplace Efficiencies

Advanced intranet features for staff to collaborate, share, coordinate and work together.


It’s easy to print a form, then hand it to your manager. But what happens next? Did it get to payroll in time? Was your CapEx form approved? Did I need to get approval first? Such processes exist, but converting to a digital one offers transparency and accuracy that paper and emails can not.


Converting manual and PDF based forms into electronic forms is a huge turning point in any organisations life. From leave forms, to expense claims, from room requests to accident reporting, our comprehensive eforms solution will transform the way your processes work.


Acknowledge an important company update? Report on who’s read the latest CEO bulletin? Our task tracker enables users to send tasks to users and get instant reports on acknowledgment and/or completion rates.

Innovation & Idea Sharing

Businesses that innovate are businesses that get ahead of the competition. By allowing users to share ideas easily, you’ll be fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Project Manager

Create projects with status, progress, tasks, and resources are managed in one central solution. Automatic notification to keep everyone informed of progress of the project.

Expense Manager

Employees have live up to date status of each expense sheet. Receipts are able to be uploaded directly to the e-workflow form.

Policy Manager

Compliance regulations around the world are driving businesses to adopt new policy measures. And while the regulations are important, there are many more benefits of having a powerful and easy to use policy manager.

Holiday Planner

Plan and manage absences in the office. Users are able to see their leave balances and managers are able to update at anytime.

Business Process Management

Create bespoke e-workflow forms to suit your business needs.