Ideas Space encouraging office collaboration.

Why Use An Intranet


How can a company share and collaborate ideas by the use of your Intranet? Introducing the Claromnentis Idea Space application. The Idea Space has been integrated with their Corporate Social Network and Innovate applications, providing employees with a collaborative area with on the intranet to discuss ideas ask questions, share files, schedule events and assign tasks.


There can be an unlimited amount of Idea Space created to encourage innovation and collaboration between employees. Each Idea Space is permission based, meaning that only relevant users have access to participate; however, customisable notifications can be issued to particular users. This means you are able to invite people to collaborate on an Idea Space.


To prioritise your Idea Space, the Task Management function through your intranet can assist. The prioritisation of the Idea Space through Task Management can be assigned either to an individual user, or a group of users. Tasks may be one – off occurrences, or can be configured to reoccur periodically.


To encourage further interaction an efficient retrieval of your Idea Space post, we would recommend using the tagging and bookmarking function for easy to search for. The bookmarking and tagging function can also assist when there are 10 or more Idea Space posts and create a section of ‘Hot Topics’.