The Benefits of Infocapture

Intranet Solutions For Business

Your office manager, IT department and account department are all about to have a new office best friend. Introducing the genius product developed by Claromentis, Infocapture, a god send to all offices no matter the size of your business.

5 Reasons why Infocapture is your new office best friend:

  1. Saves on paperwork and time, with alerts sent through for approvals
  2. Bespoke e-workflows are catered to your business needs
  3. Peter can finally order his own stapler
  4. Information is all in one central location
  5. E-workflows are accessible any time / any time zone

A common business challenge is to have one program to capture all orders and workflows, whilst remaining accessible to employees. Simplicity and office efficiencies have never been easier; IT helpdesk ticket submission at your finger-tips, expense reports can be submitted with an instantaneous alert to your accounts department, stationery orders can be collated and sent directly to the office manager.

Like most businesses, workflows are unique to your organisation. Intranet Solutions can create bespoke e-workflows that are automated and sent to the right people for approvals.

Intranet Solutions has built a range of different e-workflows to suit the business needs and demands of their clients. Infocapture has streamlined our manufacturing client’s Perfect Timber Floors business with the creation of an automated system to capture all of their orders and ensure the orders are accessible and actioned in a timely manner. All client history and commentary is housed on the intranet and can be referred to at any time.

Another unique e-workflow solution to save time is to implement an automated travel expense workflow catering for various currencies, tabulating travel balances and managing approvals.

Contact us today to discuss how Infocapture can benefit your business.