Intranet – What Is It?

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So you think your business needs one but you aren’t 100% sure what it is, or what it does? Fear not we are here to explain what an intranet is to you.

An intranet is a web based portal that employees in your business are only able to access. It is the hub of any business with everything employees need to know, a secure and accessible platform in one place. An intranet is not just for large enterprises but small to medium enterprises can truly benefit from having one.

An intranet can streamline communication, act as an internal database with a wealth of information for your employees to access at the press of a button. Generally, your intranet can be set as home screen when accessing the internet, thus being the first thing employees view.

An intranet can be created bespoke to suit the needs of your business with functionalities such as:

  • Expense forms
  • Document management
  • News feeds
  • Communicative tools – e.g instant chat, blogs, organisational charts, employee directories.
  • Idea generation forums
  • Housing company policies and forms
  • E-learning for staff

Benefits to businesses of any size from having an intranet:

  • Improve internal communications – An intranet is a communicative hub for your employees, improving efficiency and encouraging collaboration.
  • Sharing of information- you are able to create a virtual workspace. The intranet is an online community for your employees which enables information storing, sharing and collaborative working.
  • E-Learning available – Business can use the intranet to act as a training platform when providing online training content to employees.
  • Improve your customer service – enables instant access to up to date customer information as well as history notes accessible to employees can lead to increased levels of customer service.
  • Increased business efficiency – Information is accessible to employees in one place. E-workflows can be created for your business reducing paper work, increase efficiency by an automated approval process.

No matter the size of your business or what type of business you have we can create something bespoke to suit your business needs.

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