Tech transforming the water cooler chat.

Internal communication software

Effective communication is paramount for a business to thrive and grow. With staff working flexible hours, offices spread throughout Australia or the world, employers need to connect and bring people together in a meaningful way. Even if you’re working from home you can still feel connected with your work colleagues. The intranet has embraced various forms technology and can assist in effective ways to communicate with employees.


Some suggestions for creating conversation:


  • The Discuss application enables a group conversation with employees to collaborate and engage with one another, with the ability to have their input into projects, developments or brainstorming.
  • Utilise the company intranet news feed to introduce a new team member, birthday or highlight a work anniversary.
  • Personalise a morning greeting to your staff on their home intranet screen.
  • Share, celebrate success stories, encouraging positive communication by highlighting team and individual efforts through the news feed functionality.
  • Start an instant chat with a colleague who may be on the other side of the country.
  • Communicate with the wider team on company goals and directions via a video address. Encourage a conversation by asking staff to leave a comment, share their thoughts or ask a question.
  • Keep employees updated with regular updates on market trends, customer experiences, developments through group or individual blogs.
  • CEO thought of the month in a blog.
  • Create daily staff polls, encourage participation.

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