The Global Intranet

Why Use An Intranet

Even in today’s connected world, managing a global workforce is no small feat. Coordinating on-site staff is already challenging, but with potentially overwhelming physical distance between employees, it can be almost impossible. Between wildly varying timezones, deploying tailored assets to staff, event scheduling and regularly touching base on active projects, a remote workforce can seem to be more trouble than it’s worth. Today we’re going look at a few ways that an intranet can ease the pain of working with remote teams.

If managing a distributed team isn’t challenging enough, working across language barriers can prove almost unthinkable. Despite everyone’s best efforts, working across multiple languages can often be a game of mistranslation and lost information. Data loss can have catastrophic results for your clients, staff and organisation. Custom translation modules can be configured across an intranet instance, ensuring that essential data is accessible to everyone that needs it.

Occasionally, broad translation modules don’t go far enough to mitigate language and cultural divides. It is in this use-case where permissions-based content management steps into its own. By leveraging the intranet’s robust permissions platform, userbases can be segmented into language groups and shown content appropriate for their native speech. Custom navigation and headers, hardcoded content and, in some cases, an entirely different user interface are examples of this approach.

Permissions based content filtering also extends to asset management. Supplying resources for your staff and their clients doesn’t have to be limited by a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, you can create and provide region-specific documents within our intranet platform, dispensing them only to the appropriate users. This degree of granular asset control ensures that you are only ever equipping your staff with the most relevant assets possible.

Finally, timezones are one of the most significant recurring issues that plague a distributed workforce. Simple tasks such as scheduling a video conference can become a nightmarish exercise in frustration. Our intranet solutions come with native support for time and date synchronisation so that you can be confident that the scheduling of meetings, assets and deliverables remain accurate and achievable – with minimal effort.

As network and data connections become faster and more prevalent, distributed teams are going to become progressively more common than not. An intranet provides the backbone on which to coordinate, communicate and direct global workforces, ensuring your business runs smoothly – no matter the location of your staff. Request for a demo now to see firsthand how it works!