The Modern Day Office

Intranet Solutions For Business

There is no doubt we are living in a fast paced world with the introduction of the smartphones, video calls, instant chats and augmented reality. Technology is shaping the way businesses operate today and enabled changes for the better.

Businesses are rapidly adapting to the benefits that technology offers to increase productivity and accessibility. The major benefits of adapting to technology offers employees flexible working environments. No longer are employees required to be chained to their desk from 8.30 am – 5.30pm.

Instead companies are able to adapt with the ever changing employee landscape, with the baby boomers staging out their retirement and mothers returning to work businesses are able to offer a more flexible working environment to suit everybody’s needs. There is a recognition for a better work life balance for employees with an emphasis on health and well-being which leads to an enhanced job satisfaction and better engagement.

Technology has enabled these flexible work environments to exist, products like an intranet gives your company the ability to have a virtual office so no matter where you are positioned in the world employees can access policies, workflows, training programs etc.

A UK company Grad Touch took one step further and removed all contracted hours, gave their employees unlimited holiday leave and empowered them to work wherever and whenever they chose to providing they met their KPI’s. They built a culture that emphasised performance and goal orientation which in turn focuses on empowerment, trust and results driven.

Whether your company chooses to go to the extremities of Grad Touch, the possibilities of the modern workspace are endless with technology.

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