Your intranet, employee collaboration and engagement from the start.

Intranet Solutions For Business

Intranet Solutions is all about creating a bespoke intranet for your business that engages and encourages employees to be intrinsically involved with your organisation.

From the very start of the process Intranet Solutions involve your staff with the development of the intranet, as we understand the importance of staff engagement and building a strong team culture. What better way to kick off then by offering the unique opportunity for someone in your organisation to name the intranet. Intranet Solutions will run a competition for your employees to name your intranet and offer the opportunity to win some great prizes for nominating their suggestions.

Encouraging staff for collaboration on the new intranet empowers staff to have the ability to have a voice in the organisation’s direction. When your organisation is ready to launch the intranet, it will be well anticipated and received as your staff will already know about the new resource.

Given the intranet is a powerful tool to connect employees what better way then to commence the collaboration.

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