Component Overview – Recognition

Intranet Examples

Shining a spotlight on your staff and teams’ successes is an important way to ensure morale remains high. In an offline environment these acknowledgements can be troublesome to coordinate. Maybe you have to wait until the Christmas party to hand out praise, or perhaps set aside time to fire off a chain email highlighting the achievements of a specific staff member. The Recognition Module makes promoting the good work of your staff and peers simple with an efficient, integrated digital platform that encourages staff engagement.

System administrators can create any number of recognition types, each with support for custom descriptions and graphics. This ensures that recognitions never feel boilerplate or impersonal while maximising the ease at which they can be created and delivered.

Another benefit of recognition is that acknowledgments can be given up and down the chain of command and not just from the top down. Peers can publicly recognise each other, as well as the people that they report to. Recognitions that can come from any level within organisation ensure that a team member’s actions are proven valuable to everyone – not just their boss.

The recognition platform also supports and encourages interaction from users. Your staff can ‘like’ recognition posts, as well as comment on them. This feature is another opportunity for rich user engagement, as staff can not only view the accomplishments of their peers but also contribute their own thoughts to the award.

Overall, Recognition provides a simple and effective way of publicly highlighting the positive actions of your peers, ensuring that your team members remain encouraged and incentivised to give their best.

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