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Communications & Employee Engagement Portal

Ensure better, more accessible internal communication across your organisation with a dedicated communications portal.

Integrated Employee Relations Portal.

The employee portal is your staff’s gateway to pertinent information in your organisation. Keep all of your employees on the same page by providing a platform where they can freely access data relevant to them and their respective teams.

The portal should provide convenient access to human resources (HR) related content, progress tracking, and self-service functionality for all of your staff’s needs. An integrated employee portal increases the efficiency of HR operations and keeps all of your staff interconnected.

From basic functionality such as sharing news, links and events, to photo galleries, staff directory, polls and announcements, an intranet is an effective way to communicate with all of your staff and colleagues. Having an employee portal amplifies the employee service experience, increasing engagement and satisfaction among your staff.

Streamlined Internal Communication.

Collaboration between departments is essential in any organisation. Employees need to have a common platform to share ideas, make suggestions, and reach out to their colleagues. Having an intranet streamlines internal communication and improves overall productivity. Effective internal communication also lessens errors due to miscommunication among team members.

Finish projects and relay information faster with an efficient and convenient platform your organisation can use. Open requests and track them with ease through the intranet. With a platform like this, there is transparency and accountability for inter-department requests across your organisation.

Facilitate better communication among your staff with a communications intranet. Recognize top performers and disseminate information easily on your employee portal’s news feed. Encourage idea sharing and innovation through a dedicated section. Have your employees’ information readily available to prevent lapses in communication with a clearly laid out staff directory. All information in one place.

With the customisation and evolving social features offered by Intranet Solutions, launching an intranet that your staff will love and get the most value from has never been easier. Contact us to get a quote.

Simple administration
Rapid deployment (4 weeks)
Initial basic requirements
Workflow Solution

Key features of a Communications Intranet.

Intranet Software

Allowing users to recognise their colleagues against the company values is a great way to engage users directly from the homepage.

Why Use An Intranet
Staff Directory

Still one of the most popular features, our fully searchable staff directory allows users to easily find users based on name, title or skill, and also comes with an automated organisational chart creator.

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News Feed

Presenting news in a simple and elegant way (including monthly email bulletins) ensures your staff are kept abreast of important news effecting your business.

Intranet Examples
Innovation & Idea Sharing

Businesses that innovate are businesses that get ahead of the competition. By allowing users to share ideas easily, you’ll be fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

See what a Communications & Employee Engagement Portal Intranet can do for your business.