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Custom & Business Transformation Platform

The needs of businesses vary from one industry to another. Cater to all the digital requirements of your organisation with a custom intranet.

A custom solution tailored to your organisation.

While some of our most customised sites have been done for our smallest customers, a custom intranet is generally best suited to larger organisations. While still using the Claromentis framework of ensuring speed, scalability and security, a custom intranet may have a different focus for different users. For example, an organisation with a large external user base (i.e. volunteers or contractors) may have significantly different requirements than full-time staff.

Not only does this mean presenting different features to different users, but it can also present challenges in terms of managing the Intranet internally.

There is no one-size-fits-all intranet for every business. Tailor one specifically for your organisation with our custom intranet services. Add what you need and take out platforms that don’t serve the goals of your business.

Choosing a custom platform for your intranet gives you the power to include complex integrations, switch up designs, and streamline workflow based on your organisation’s needs. From salespeople needing access to brochures on the go, to support staff needing instant access to technical documents, Intranet Solutions can build your company a system that can fully integrate into your team’s day-to-day activities.

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Specific requirements
Complex Integrations
Different user types
Digital transformation
Workflow Solution

Why choose a custom platform?

Intranet Software

It’s easy to print a form, then hand it to your manager. But what happens next? Did it get to payroll in time? Was your CapEx form approved? Did I need to get approval first? Such processes exist, but converting to a digital one offers transparency and accuracy that paper and emails can not.

Digital Workplace Solutions

Having your logos and fonts is one thing – tailoring the user expereince based on location, role and data is entirely different. Intranet design is a combination of user expereince, design and relevance and our team will ensure it reflects your company and requirements.

Intranet Software
Complex Integrations

When a new user starts, do you want to add them automatically to your timesheet software? Need to link your ERP/Finance package to show real time graphs on your Intranet to particular users? Integration can deliver highly targeted and relevant information to your Intranet.

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Mobile App

Every intranet we build is mobile responsive. Sometimes however, a dedicated mobile app is required. From sales people needing access to brochures on the go, through to support staff needing instant access to technical documents, our team can build your company a native mobile app, fully integrated into your Intranet framework.

See what a Custom & Business Transformation Platform Intranet can do for your business.