Why Use An Intranet

Tasks & Document Management Hub

Efficiently manage and synchronise internal and external organisational goals by providing a centralised hub for all pertinent documents and information.

Efficient project management for a dynamic workplace.

An intranet would not be complete without a task management portal for your business. From policies and procedures that need a simple acknowledgement to ongoing training with assessments, task-based intranets are critical for organisations that are looking to better measure their performance.

Project management is crucial to the productivity of any organisation. Keep track of deadlines and hold the right staff accountable for the appropriate output. Experience the power of collaboration and efficient data-sharing across your business with a dedicated document management portal.

Why implement a Tasks based Intranet?

An intranet would not be complete without a task management portal. A task management portal promotes strong compliance focus, streamlines processes, provides access to e-forms, and keeps track of pertinent project information.

Our intranet platform will be your centralised hub for tasks and document sharing which will help you find files and track progress quicker. With a task manager, you can control who you share project information with, track teammates, and acquire documents and forms with relative ease.

Work on projects seamlessly with an integrated task management portal on your intranet. Contact us to get a quote.

Strong compliance focus
Launch with small groups
Streamline processes
Training & Onboarding
Workflow Solution

Why implement a Tasks & Document Management Hub.

Workflow Solution

Whether you call it Induction, Onboarding, Training, Learning, Development or something else, upskilling your user base is vital. For those with advanced Learning Management requirements, our intranet software is also SCORM compliant.

Workflow Solution

Acknowledge an important company update? Report on who’s read the latest CEO bulletin? Our task tracker enables users to send tasks to users and get instant reports on acknowledgment and/or completion rates.

Cheap Intranet

Converting manual and PDF based forms into electronic forms is a huge turning point in any organisations life. From leave forms, to expense claims, from room requests to accident reporting, our comprehensive eforms solution will transform the way your processes work.

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Policy Manager

Compliance regulations around the world are driving businesses to adopt new policy measures. And while the regulations are important, there are many more benefits of having a powerful and easy to use policy manager.

See what a Tasks & Document Management Hub Intranet can do for your business.