Connecting Offices Through Technology

Intranet Software Australia

For any office whether you are spread throughout Australia, or the world or your office is in one location, it is important for companies to ensure that their employees feel connected and engaged with one another.

Encourage interactions.

Your intranet is the ideal way to connect with staff daily and encourage interactions with one another. Intranet Solutions, has a range of applications which can assist in connecting employees on a daily basis, such as the People, Org Chart, Innovate and Social Profile features.

The People application acts as the core of your intranet, enabling admin users to create user accounts, which enables people to login and access the system. Roles and groups are used to categorise users, as well facilitating the efficient definition of permissions across the system.

Learn more about your colleagues. 

New to the business or you can’t remember someone’s name? Save yourself from embarrassment and head to the staff list created by the People application which has each employee’s contact information, profile picture and title. The staff list is your friend with a searchable list, it can be filterable by personnel database, allowing viewers to locate certain information about a particular user, or selection of users. Another popular feature is, the “Org Chart” allows users to view a hierarchical structure of the organisation.

Social intergrations.

The Social Profile feature which is housed within the People application allows users to integrate their Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and skype accounts within their user profiles. This helps to create a unified collaborative platform.

Social Profile interlinks with Innovate, the Claromentis corporate social networking application. Innovate enables users to post comments, start ideas, start discussions, share information and actively engage with employees. It is a platform for which multiple users within an organisation can instantly collaborate within an online corporate community. A summary of recent posts published by the user is displayed on their profile. Employers can post comments and start discussions with other users, using their activity feed on their profile.

Your intranet can encourage collaboration, regular conversation, idea sharing social interaction on one platform whilst linking in other social media platforms. Now that is clever.

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