How Non-Profit Organisations Stay Connected.

Why use an intranet

Many non-profit organisations would not be able to meet their demands or service without the help of volunteers. Most charities, community events, fundraisers operate daily with hundreds and sometimes thousands of volunteers at any given time. So what is the best way to manage training and communications to all your volunteers? Ensue, the wonderful world of the intranet.


Onboarding new volunteers made easy.

Intranet Solutions works with a wide range of national and local charities, government and non-profit organisations. A popular function for non-profits, is the e-learning application.  Utilised to onboard their volunteers to ensure they have completed the necessary training measures to receive the appropriate accreditations.

Communicate effectively and reducing your costs.

The expense and time to run information sessions for volunteers or staff can be difficult, particularly when they can be anywhere in the state or country. However, with the intranet operating as a centralised hub, volunteers are able to access information as they need in the comfort of their own home. Most noteworthy, the use of the intranet for communication and ongoing training, this has significantly reduced costs for non-profit organisations.


Bringing the community closer together.

Some non-profit organisations are spread throughout in Australia in remote regional towns, the best way to bring people together and collaborate is through the intranet. It doesn’t matter where you are situated, Intranet Solutions designs modules for specific projects or simply encouraging idea sharing as a result people feel supported and part of a team.