Onboarding An Easy Solution

Internal communication software

Have you ever started a new job and you feel like it is the first day of school? Onboarding of  a new employee can always be hard, with time constraints, making sure they are receiving the consistent information that another department may be offering.

Intranet Solutions can take the stress out of the recruitment process with the capability for your intranet to collaborate with recruitment software, such as Workable, which makes the recruitment process from end to end a breeze.

How breezy you ask? Simple, post your job advert on your recruitment application, applicants apply online, once you have completed your interview process and selected your candidate, all documentation can be emailed through from the intranet with all their key information populated. Once the applicant has accepted the position they can start the online training process via your intranet and complete all the modules so they are well-versed with your business.

The People application on the intranet is extremely helpful for new employees when onboarding. With the ability to introduce new employees to the business as well as the efficiency to view fellow colleagues picture and position description.

Onboarding has never been so seamless, leaving your new employees will feel welcomed and informed. Learn more about our services. Book a free demo or start your free trial today!