A next generation intranet and communications platform for a leading education institution.

Haileybury is one of the most entrepreneurial and enterprising schools in Australia.

With seven schools across Australia and Asia, including the first fully online school Pangea, Haileybury leads the way in educational outcomes for students.

To help meet these expectations, Haileybury engaged with Intranet Solutions to deliver a next generation intranet and communications platform.

The basics were delivered utilising many of our out-of-the-box features such as news, policies, calendars and the inbuilt content management system for general staff and parent information. However, it was the ability to extend the platform that has seen employee engagement surpass expectations. Three examples of this extensibility have been in the areas of 1) integration 2) custom development and 3) site based access.


From Microsoft Active Directory integration to create a single sign on experience, through to advanced connections with the Haileybury mobile application and Student Management System, the fully integrated approach means users’ have access to all relevant information from a single source.

Custom development

Expanding on the existing recognition application, the enhancements included the development of a custom messaging workflow to drive engagement.

Site Based Access

Having seven schools and locations, Haileybury needed a solution that supported this distributed footprint. From customised branding through to personalised content, with a permissions system sitting across the entire platform, Intranet Solutions were able to deliver a tailored solution for each school.

And while the Intranet Solutions platform offers many features out of the box, none of this would have been possible without our ‘client first’ approach to support.

Important Features for Haileybury

Intranet Examples
Calendar and Events

Centrally manage all your internal, external, virtual and training events. Room bookings are made easy with this feature.

Intranet Software
Complex Integrations

When a new user starts, do you want to add them automatically to your timesheet software? Need to link your ERP/Finance package to show real time graphs on your Intranet to particular users? Integration can deliver highly targeted and relevant information to your Intranet.

Workflow Solution

Whether you call it Induction, Onboarding, Training, Learning, Development or something else, upskilling your user base is vital. For those with advanced Learning Management requirements, our intranet software is also SCORM compliant.

Why Use An Intranet
Staff Directory

Still one of the most popular features, our fully searchable staff directory allows users to easily find users based on name, title or skill, and also comes with an automated organisational chart creator.