Effective Tips for Managing Remote Employees

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In today’s corporate life there is an emphasis on companies creating a healthier work/life balance. With more companies offering flexible / remote working opportunities, the challenge for managers is to ensure employees feel connected.

To ensure that businesses are able to satisfy the need for remote working and maintaining a positive working culture, there are a couple of tips managers can take onboard to create the optimum environment for employees.

Build an active community.

First of all and most importantly, communication. This is key to building rapport with a remote workforce. Make your employees feel like part of a community by maintaining regular communication. Encourage information sharing on experiences and ideas through the Ideas Space application which can be open or permission based.

Encourage collaboration.  

Connecting employees who may be situated in different areas to work on a project together. Intranet Solutions offers a project management application where tasks can be assigned to groups or individuals, track the progress and create permissions for confidential projects.

Utilise video.

Maximise various technology to communicate with your staff to keep them informed and connected. Video is a great way to connect, these can be uploaded by departments, all staff or individuals.

Invest in training and development for staff.

Investing in your employees development is paramount for assisting with individuals job satisfaction. Intranet Solutions can assist with making this possible in a cost effective way, through the Quiz Builder application. Quiz Builder enables an e-learning environment where staff can take part on specifically designed training courses. They will be able to take part in tasks, answer questions and and complete modules .

Keep staff informed.

Adopting the news feed on the homepage of the intranet  to keep staff well abreast with the latest updates on company news, staff birthdays, upcoming events, training sessions etc.

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